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How Marketing Can Accelerate Cloud Adoption:
Three Strategies to Turn Buzz into Buyers

The name "cloud" might be simple, but its acceptance and varying degrees of adoption are anything but.
For prospects and customers, the cloud brings hopes of on-demand computer at a lower total cost of ownership;
but for others, it breeds doubts around security, stability of service and governance.
Based on the successful efforts of industry-leading companies, this marketing brief offers three strategies you can use to turn cloud buzz into buyers. Learn how:

  • Mapping cloud messages to buying and selling cycles enables the development of resources that guide customers and prospects to and through the cloud
  • Investing in non-traditional thought leadership and awareness activities can dispel confusion and doubt surrounding cloud technologies
  • The right sales conversation can help build and sustain prospect interaction to continue moving an opportunity forward
  • Six different cloud players, ranging in size from start-ups to industry giants, addressed some of their cloud marketing challenges

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